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Disappointing Plans for Gurnell Centre

It is disappointing to note the latest plans for the redevelopment of the Gurnell Centre.


The concerns range around the planned housing on protected Metropolitan Open Land that encroaches into the park, and the environmental impact including the loss of 153 mature trees and the impact this development will have on local wildlife.  

There is a Gurnell Sounding Board established to bring together views before moving to formal planning.  Should you have an interest in the Gurnell project and wish to make a request to join the Gurnell Sounding Board, either as an individual or on behalf of an organisation, please send a short email to with a brief summary of your interest in the project.

EPF Statement on the redevelopment of Gurnell:
Whilst we support the redevelopment of the leisure centre, the Ealing Parks Foundation (EPF) is opposed to the plan in its current form. We support the concerns raised by local residents particularly in regard to inappropriate development on protected land, the removal of the Metropolitan Open Land status and the potentially dangerous precedent that this will set. We also share concerns at the environmental damage caused by the loss of 153 mature trees and consequent impact on local wildlife. EPF accepts the need for a modern, energy efficient leisure centre in the borough. However, as outlined in the Mayor’s London Plan Policy 17.7, the existing amount of Metropolitan Open Land space should not be reduced, and as a result, EPF believes this development is unsuitable and incompatible with both the London Plan and Ealing Council’s own Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy.

June 2024 - Park of the Month

This month we are visiting a Nature Reserve in Ealing that is not only important locally but one of a handful of meadow habitats left in the UK. 

To visit our Park of the Month and find out where

just click on the image below


About Ealing Parks Foundation

Ealing Parks Foundation is an independent charity working with local communities and groups to support and enhance the Borough's 148 plus parks and green spaces.  

Ealing Parks Foundation (EPF)  is a charitable organisation (Charity No 1195171), operating since January 2020.  The Foundation was initially sponsored by the Parks Department of Ealing Council, who conducted the search for Trustees. Now well established, it is an independent organisation with all of its Trustees from the local community.


The London Borough of Ealing comprises seven towns which were united in the 1960s to form one of London’s most recent and diverse boroughs with residents numbering c. 370k.  The towns, which all have their own character and needs, are Ealing, Acton, Hanwell, Greenford, Northolt,  Perivale and Southall, This means that there are an impressive 140 Parks and green spaces with parks that reflect the character of their area. Additionally twenty-three of the Borough's parks currently have Green Flags awards!

The Foundation was formed in answer to the diminishing amount of public funding available for the enhancement of parks.  While the Council continues to fulfil its statutory responsibilities there is no doubt that due to lack of funds it has become increasingly difficult for them to carry out non-statutory enhancements. This is at a time when due to recent circumstances more individuals are discovering and using their parks. The Foundation wants to ensure that our parks and green spaces are a good fit for our local community. Tied in with increasing knowledge and the need for more biodiversity in our parks and green spaces, coupled with the concept of active citizenship, it is an ideal climate in which to launch support for our parks through fundraising, advice and support.

Our objectives are to:

  • Enhance the community by supporting parks and green spaces and allowing them to thrive  

  • Realise the full potential of Ealing’s parks and green spaces for everyone to enjoy 

  • Contribute towards maintaining an excellent quality and appropriate quantity of parks and green spaces 

  • Ensure that parks and green spaces have a positive influence on well-being 

  • Promote activities that engage and empower local communities to actively care for their parks and green spaces

  • Create and promote opportunities for learning, participating and volunteering, through innovative schemes 

  • Protect and enhance wildlife, heritage and biodiversity

  • Celebrate our parks and green spaces 


"The reason I moved to Ealing was not only because

of it ease of travelling everywhere by public transport, but also for its green spaces."


"My children love exploring the parks and open spaces

throughout the Borough.  We are always finding new ones to visit."

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