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Park of the Month - February 2024
Brent Lodge Park and Churchfields

Our Park of the Month in February 2024 is a legend with Ealing's children. Also known as the 'Bunny Park' it combines a maze, small zoo with lovely walks and spectacular views of the Wharncliffe Viaduct!

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Brent Lodge Park is on the site of the 18th landscape park of Brent Lodge, George Henry Glasse; Rector of Hanwell bought Brent End in 1795 - called that because it was near the Brent End of Hanwell Park Estate.  He renamed the house Brent Lodge and landscaped the grounds. On his death more work was done on the property by successive owners which included a walled garden, stable block, greenhouses and outbuildings plus tree planting.  In 1931 it was sold to Ealing Borough Council, and it was opened to the public. Today The Stable Block is the only building from that period and is now the Environmental Centre.  It dates from around 1800 and had nine bays with a central pediment.  There are two carriage entrances in the centre block either side of a pedestrian entrance. Fragments of a 19th wall survive in the brick wall between the buildings


In 1976 the park became part of the Brent River Park established in 1973. The Brent River Park is a strip of open space following a 7km curve of the River Brent as the river meanders west and then south through Perivale, Greenford, and Hanwell in the London Borough of Ealing.



There are there are some trees here that pre-date the 18th Century landscaping. including oak, yew, London plane.  There are also Cedars and horse chestnut trees. Due to the river, open spaces this is an important space for wildlife.  And of course the opportunity to see both domestic and other birds and animals in the small zoo.

Both adults and children love the Millennium Maze which was opened in 2000 with yew hedges and a central shelter. 2,000 yew trees were planted by local children,

There are wonderful views of the Wharncliffe Viaduct.  The railway viaduct was built in 1836-37 by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. It was the first major engineering work to be completed on the Great Western Railway. It was also the first railway viaduct to use hollow piers in its construction.

Hanwell Zoo, originally the Brent Lodge Animal Centre was developed from aviaries built in the 1960s and extended with more animals in 1976. Today it houses a variety of animals and birds.

There is also a comfortable cafe built on the site of Brent Lodge house and is in a 1930s style.  

The Brent River also invites walks and the Brent Meadow offers a large grassland areas opportunities for play, picnics etc.  

There are also sporting facilities.

Park Facilities

  • Public toilets

  • Café

  • Playground

  • Animal centre

  • Millennium maze

  • tennis courts

  • Multi use games area​


How to Get Here


E3 and E1 on Greenford Avenue, or 83, 92, 195, 207, 282, 427 and SL8 with stops on the Uxbridge Road and Ealing Hospital 

Hanwell mainline, Elizabeth Line

Bikes/On Foot:

  • east via Church Road

  • south via footpath from Ealing hospital, under the Wharncliffe Viaduct

  • north, from the Ruislip Road at Greenford Bridge via public footpaths along the river

  • west from Greenford Road, via footpath through the West Middlesex Golf Course and crossing the River Brent by bridge.

  • Limited within the car park at the end of Church Road, parking along Church Road - restricted during summer and weekends.  Please check restrictions on site.

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