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The London Borough of Ealing is blessed with a multitude of Parks and Green Spaces, ranging from large formal parks complete with historic houses, through to water meadows, playing fields, hills, lakes, small quiet parks and those with play facilities.  There are golf courses, athletic tracks, tennis courts and croquet lawns. Not to mention 63 allotments, and some wonderful peaceful cemeteries. Never have our green spaces been so well used as since Covid-19.  Many people have discovered the joys of their local parks for the first time. Those particularly who live in apartments without access to outside space have used them as their back garden and it was wonderful to see people taking the air, having picnics, playing games, and in this past winter, building snowmen in the parks.


Ealing Parks Foundation will play a leading role to ensure that Ealing is a borough with distinctive parks, vibrant green spaces, and exceptional habitat, designed to contribute towards ecological diversity, support environmental sustainability and offer excellent recreational opportunities that connect our community, promoting health and well-being, appreciation of our natural environment and providing great places to meet, play, learn, grow, breathe and enjoy nature together.

                       Our Vision

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Wonderful Walking
Trees & Flowers
Streams, Pools & Lakes
Green Spaces

"I live alone and work from home.  I don't know how I would have survived during lockdown without being able to escape to the park every day.”

“We are so lucky living in Ealing with all the parks surrounding us - I just wish people would keep them clean and not litter.”

"My local park has been a lifesaver during lockdown - we live in a 8th story flat, it gave me and the children a sense of freedom"