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Ealing Parks Foundation aims to support Ealing's parks and green spaces in a variety of ways.  When our pending Charity Registration is approved we will commence fundraising to support projects within the Borough.  Additionally we will be collaborating and forming partnerships to provide not only funds but advice and expertise.  We will work with voluntary groups, Friends groups and a wide variety of partners in order to fulfil our objectives to make Ealing's Parks greener, more biodiverse and people-friendly.

A Map of Ealing's Green Spaces
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Explore Ealing's wide variety of Parks and Green Spaces

Click here to find out more about the different characters of the Parks and what they have to offer to visitors.



Ealing's Parks and Green Spaces are easy to find and travel to either by walking or cycling.  To download information about the character of each park, and facilities please click below.

Green Space Project in Mind?

If you have a Parks/Green Space project in mind, do let us know by contacting Info@EalingParks.Foundation



If you would like to support the work of Ealing Parks Foundation by making a donation while we await our Charity and Gift Aid Registration please contact Info@EalingParks.Foundation.

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